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Refcomm's Podcast

Apr 17, 2017

Host: Evan Hyde
Guests: Gary Pitman with
- What is it? A weekly gathering of all the people associated with the unit at a fixed time, no exceptions. 
- Everyone means operators, engineers, maintenance crew, turnaround planners, contractor project teams, inspectors, even procurement. 
- Get a bucket, walk the unit (or a specific area within), collect anything that’s not supposed to be there. Bring the buckets to a designated area. Collate or dump what you find. But discuss what you see with your peers. 
- Breaks down barriers, builds communication, cleans the unit, and improves operation - all for the price of 1 hour per week and a few buckets.
Twitter: @RefiningCommunity or @Cokingcom
Variety of Linkedin groups as well.