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Refcomm's Podcast

Apr 17, 2017

Host: Evan Hyde
Guests: Dave Geddes
- Mr. Geddes background, he managed PIMS group at Bechtel for 15yrs. For the past 15yrs, he has been doing feasibility studies for new refinery projects and updating refinery LP systems. 
- Crude oil supplies and characteristics with a focus on traditional and nontraditional crudes, naphthenic vs parafinic crudes and properties. 
- What is an assays and how differences can be expected between the predicted vs actual in the model and in the plant. 
- Certain assays vary over time over time - which crudes vary the most and why?
- Impacts on key refining processes including mischaracterization of yields for novel feedstocks. For example how paraffinic cracking yields are better for FCC but naphthenic are better for HDC
- Training at Refcomm > Petroleum Refining Economics
Haverly's H/CAMS
SimSci’s Crude Suite
AspenTech’s PIMS software
Minas Crude Assay - 1999
Twitter: @RefiningCommunity or @Cokingcom
Variety of Linkedin groups as well.